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The Full Story

How this Love for POODLES all started...

Hello and welcome to our poodle friendly home!

We (Terry and Sandy) are a husband and wife, a family operated Home Based poodle breeder.   All of our poodles live with us in our home. They are part of our family and we love them dearly.  We normally have two litters a year.


We are very fortunate to have 4 acres (now surrounded by the ever-growing city) in Colorado.  Our home has plenty of space (inside & outside) for our furry kids, and we have added many luxuries for our poodles.  Needless to say they are all spoiled.


How did this come about?  It all started as a child, growing up in the Colorado mountains.  We had several poodles growing up, toy and miniature poodles... but never any standard poodles.


After moving out on my own - I realized home was 'not home' with out a poodle.  It was a life long dream to raise Standard Poodles.  It was then I decided to find a new familiy member -  a Standard Poodle.... and since then, Poodles have been part of our family.


If you are looking for a new family member, please tell me about yourself, your home, family, other pets, and lifestyle.  We want to make sure our babies are the perfect fit for the families they join. 


This is one of our pony-sized puppies.  Such a Wonderful Boy!

Please note:  we do not allow outside dogs on our property due to health reasons. 

I completely understand families wanting to stop by to visit our poodles, but many times (when we don't have puppies) and I am busy with other projects around the house. 

If you are wanting to stop by when we have puppies available, please send an e-mail and I'll get back to you on what days I have available.  


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