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GRIzzL BEHR - this is a prime example of one of our male, pony-sized puppies!! 


My, is he a big boy!!  and Behr has the typical 'gentle giant' personality.  He is so willing to please and is the best companion ever. Behr is a Darcy / Reuben puppy.


BEHR, at 2-1/2 years old, he already weighs 90 lbs!!  Standing 31" tall to the top of his shoulder blades.  He is a "Pony Boy", no doubt.  And definitely has an outstanding personality... plus+++  


Behr doesn't even need to stretch his neck, to check out what's on the kitchen countertops.  I've never seen a poodle this big.  He has huge feet and is big-boned.  Very stout and he has the 'black spot' of Royalty on his tongue. 


Behr just loves to 'make himself at home'  Such an easy going guy!  Above, here is his face, asking you "Why, man!?"

BIG Betty.......... a Ginger / Reuben puppy.

This is just a sample of what type of dog you will get, when you buy a puppy from us.  11 months old and still growing.  This girl weighs 75 lbs and is already 29"+ tall.  A big-boned girl and very stout.   Personality plus, and simply Outstanding.  It's hard to believe this is a female, being this big!

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