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Our website has a new look!  Same owners, same poodles  :)   just a different design.

This is a 3-week old puppy re-charging her batteries  -  don't you just want to give her a hug!? This puppy-girl grew to a whopping 88 lbs!  A true pony-girl.

                  !!! PUPPY  -  PUPPY  -  PUPPIES!!!

We have PUPPIES!   Born May 2nd, 2024.  They will be 8 weeks old on June 27th. Sorry, you missed out on this litter... they are all spoken for.

But if you are serious about adding a new family member to your home, you need to reserve a puppy from our next litter.  This planned litter should be ready to go home (at 8 weeks old) towards the end of December to early January, 2025.


They sure are precious puppies!


All Red boys & girls.   Please send me an email for


additional information.  Parents:  Ariat & Jake.  You can follow along as they grow... just click on the tab, "Ariat"

In most cases, all of our puppies are spoken for, prior to being born - so it's best to send a deposit sooner... than later...  that is, if you want a puppy.  

All of our puppies are Red, Big and Beautiful!  And with outstanding personalities.  (all of our puppies are just awesome!) 


When reserving a puppy, it is very important that I have your address (street address, not a PO Box) , phone number and first & last name.  If you text me, I will ask you to send an email.  :)   I will not accept deposits for puppies without this information.  When sending an email for more information  -  please include your first and last name.   :)

!!!!PHOTOs of the DAY!!!!  Getting photos from our "puppy families" really brightens our day

7 Week old puppy (above) - you can't find a better puppy!!!!  And if you do, please let me know - I am looking for a big male to continue our line of these Royal sized poodles.  Red or black.  But he's gotta be Big like our puppies  :)  17 to 20 lbs at 8 weeks old.


Are you surfing the internet looking for BIG Red Puppies?  Well, this is the place - we have BIG & BIGGER Red Puppies.  Pony-sized puppies.  True Snuggle Buddies!  AND "Behr Babies!"

Above is Bonnie H. and her pony-sized male poodle (his name is Red, on the far right of the photos!) Red is one of our puppies.  :)    He is Christmas caroling with 6 miniature horses!!  Now isn't that something!??  What a beautiful poodle.


A note from Bonnie on her pony-boy, Red, above, "He is still in tact. The vet does not want to do the alteration until he is 2.  She says because of his size and he is still growing.  I never go out with out him on leash even though he has 95 percent recall.   I know I have said it before, but “he is the most amazing dog I have had the pleasure to call my companion”.  Thank you thank you for raising such amazing dogs."

Above is Patti and Chris' puppy - WOW! another beauty    :)

Below, this is Claire.  She is 6-1/2 months old and lives in Dillon, Colorado with owner, Anna.  What a gorgeous girl !!  

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