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Our website has a new look!  Same owners, same poodles  :)   just a different design.

Ariat and Jake have 8 puppies - Born 11-16-2023.  3 Girls and 5 Boys.                    We have some PUPPIES available!  Please send mean email, or call for more information.  720-217-2012
Rosie and Jake have 8 puppies - Born 11-22-2023. 
6 Girls and 2 Boys.  

This is a 3-week old puppy re-charging her batteries  -  don't you just want to give her a hug!?

                  !!! PUPPY  -  PUPPY  -  PUPPIES!!!

We are currently taking deposits for the next planned litter in 2024. Guessing these puppies will be born in May-June timeframe.  Once our pre-litter fills up, you can ask to have your name added to our 'overflow list" and ohhhh, they will be beautiful puppies!   Red boys & girls.  If you are interested in a puppy, and wanting to reserve one, please send me an email for additional information.  Once the pre-litter list is full, you will need to wait until the puppies are born, to see if we may have one available for you.

In most cases, all of our puppies are spoken for, prior to being born - so it's best to send a deposit sooner... than later...  that is, if you want a puppy.  

All of our puppies are Red, Big and Beautiful!  And with outstanding personalities.  (all of our puppies are just awesome!) 


When reserving a puppy, it is very important that I have your address (street address, not a PO Box) , phone number and first & last name.  If you text me, I will ask you to send an email.  :)   I will not accept deposits for puppies without this information.  When sending an email for more information  -  please include your first and last name.   :)

!!!!PHOTOs of the DAY!!!!  Getting photos from our "puppy families" really brightens our day

7 Week old puppy (above) - you can't find a better puppy!!!!  And if you do, please let me know - I am looking for a big male.  Red or black.  But he's gotta be Big like our puppies  :)


Are you surfing the internet looking for BIG Red Puppies?  Well, this is the place - we have BIG & BIGGER Red Puppies.  Pony-sized puppies.  True Snuggle Buddies!  AND "Behr Babies!"

Above is Bonnie H. and her pony-sized male poodle (his name is Red, on the far right of the photos!) Red is one of our puppies.  :)    He is Christmas caroling with 6 miniature horses!!  Now isn't that something!??  What a beautiful poodle.


A note from Bonnie on her pony-boy, Red, above, "He is still in tact. The vet does not want to do the alteration until he is 2.  She says because of his size and he is still growing.  I never go out with out him on leash even though he has 95 percent recall.   I know I have said it before, but “he is the most amazing dog I have had the pleasure to call my companion”.  Thank you thank you for raising such amazing dogs."

Above is Patti and Chris' puppy - WOW! another beauty    :)

Below, this is Claire.  She is 6-1/2 months old and lives in Dillon, Colorado with owner, Anna.  What a gorgeous girl !!  

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